• Library Installation
    Library Installation

    Library installation training for teachers held at GEMS Cambridge school.

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  • Be a Reading Hero!
    Be a Reading Hero!

    We need reading revolutionaries like you who want to make a change in Kenya to donate books so that every child in Kenya.

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  • Making a Positive Impact
    Making a Positive Impact

    Students of State House Primary excited about the new storybooks in the library.

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  • Read Aloud
    Read Aloud

    Read Aloud is a bi-annual gathering of pupils accross the country that is aimed at having one voice chanel a message.

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Why do we have a literacy crisis?

Only 2% of primary schools in Kenya have libraries
It has been fifty years since independence and still most public primary schools in Kenya do not have libraries, hence no storybooks and other supplementary reading materials for the children. Parents primarily buy textbooks for their children to read so as to pass exams. But storybooks too are textbooks because they help children learn the language of study, be it English or Kiswahili.

Storybooks are the answer!

Children need access to storybooks and supplementary reading materials
Reading storybooks regularly is key in building children’s vocabulary, expanding imagination, sparking curiosity, improving critical thinking hence contributing to overall academic excellence of the learners. It will inculcate in them a firm reading culture, something which will turn them into life-long readers even after exiting school. This is will have a huge developmental impact on their lives and the economic growth of the country.

Read Aloud for Peace and National Cohesion!

Let's read aloud as one tribe.
Thank you for being part of our bi annual read aloud, as always, thousands of children participated in one voice to read for peace and national cohesion, head to the gallery for more photos. Lets read for peace and national cohesion.
Storybooks on Mobile Phone!
Simulia provides beautiful children's stories by African authors and illustrators, as well as interactive exercises designed to build reading and comprehension.
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