We are a reading promotion initiative that has been committed to improving literacy levels in Kenya since 2012. We do this through; enhancing access to storybooks for children by starting libraries in schools, stimulating interest in reading through creative and exciting reading programmes and nurturing the culture of reading for pleasure as a lifelong learning habit. In addition to this, we capacity build teachers on how to bring books to life and use storybooks as language text books.

Thousands of children in Kenyan public schools record very low proficiency in literacy. This is indicated by very low scores in English and Kiswahili. Part of the challenge is because children don’t understand the language of instruction, and they lack the skills to read and write. The main cause of this problem is lack of access to storybooks and other reading materials. The lack of storybooks for children to read in school and at home implies that they lack exposure to a text-rich environment, which is necessary for building the habits of reading and nurturing the skills to read and write.

Our Intervention

Our Vision is to get a book in every hand and nurture a generation of life long readers. We achieve this by establishing model libraries in schools with a minimum of 1,500 storybooks, in English and Kiswahili, with the objective of enhancing access of books to children. We train teachers to run vibrant school libraries and exciting reading programs and support the schools with regular monitoring and evaluation to enable them to run and sustain the library programs. In addition to this we sensitize students to champion reading in school and to other children.

Our Impact

We have transformed numerous communities across the country by investing to enhance access to books to over 400,000 children, teachers and parents from disadvantaged schools across the country. Through our libraries, children have been able to consistently attend Library and Maktaba lessons, which have enabled them; build the vocabulary and comprehension skills, express themselves better both in written and spoken communication and improve their performance in language.

Our vision is for every child in Kenya to have access to storybooks. To achieve this, we constantly seek mutually beneficial partnerships with like-minded organizations and individuals, to start libraries in schools across the country. Please join the Reading Revolution This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to help improve a child’s ability to read.



Over 1000 teachers trained on library management     Library lesson



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