Nguthuru primary school library was officially opened by Lorna Kwamboka and Christine Ethangatta both from Frigoken and has1000 new and age appropriate supplementary reading materials both in English and Kiswahili. During the launch a short mini-library lesson was conducted with a few pupils from class four and guests who had graced the occasion. The library lesson was a demonstration of how a library lesson would run at any given time, each class will dedicate the 35 minute, government mandated library lesson to utilize resources in the library.

About the School

Nguthuru Primary is a public school located in Gatumbo, Kandara sub-county in Murang’a County. The school is over 50 years old and has a population of 435 pupils and 14 teachers.


Prior to the library launch, the school had a few old story books and an unoccupied classroom designated as the library. The library had 3 sets of shelves, tables and chairs filling the room and other material as it doubled up as a store as well.

The school already had a designated teacher/librarian who was in charge of the library. There was however no adherence of the library lessons. This was not to say that there was no interest to read; the children had the interest, but the books were not enough. The teacher librarian also had interest and the will to run a proper school library. However, due to lack of resources and proper library management training, this was a dream that was close to impossible.

The school’s partnership with Frigoken Limited bore a fruit that would change the reading culture in the school.


The Launch

The library was launched on Wednesday, 11th May 2016 in a 2 hr ceremony that was attended by the pupils, parents, teachers, School’s Board of Management, representatives from the offices of the County First Lady, MCA, Sub-county Education office and the MP for Kandara Constituency.


Post- Installation

Storymoja will train the library prefects on proper library book management and importance of being junior reading ambassadors. Ms. Lucy Mwangi, the school’s librarian, will attend a Library Management Training which will be conducted in Makueni.

We have designed data collection tools that will be filled by the school on a weekly basis. This function will be supported by the librarian and student librarians who will be trained by our team of reading revolutionaries.

Storymoja will actively involve Frigoken Limited staff in the ongoing reading promotion activities at the school.


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