sacredpicOn Friday 12th August 2016, the school hosted Hon. Tendai Mtana the ES. Education & Children for Mombasa County Government, Mr. Shibu Jacob the GM DTB Coast region and many other guests and parents as they launched their first functional school library. The event was marked with lively presentations from the pupils, proof that the school had many talented children and all they needed were storybooks to support the budding creative minds.


Sacred Heart primary school is a public school that was established by the Goan Community in the year 1932. It is located in Ganjoni Area in Mombasa town and has a population of 720 pupils and 19 teachers. In the 2015 KCPE, the school had an average mean score of 269.59

Prior to the installation, the school had received a donation of shelves, reading desks and chairs from the Area MCA. This was a very timely donation as the school later receive 1000 books from Diamond Trust Bank. Although the room allocated as the library space needed to be repainted and have new windows fixed, it was large enough to accommodate about 30 students at a time. This was one of the largest any school has had so far.

The school already had two teachers appointed as librarians; Phenic Ndalila and Jessica Ondiek who have already been trained by AKF-Mombasa on library management, storytelling and sourcing of books. This made it possible for the school to adhere to the weekly library lessons provided in the curriculum.


The Launch

Mr. Ojiambo, the Head teacher, was beyond himself with excitement as he went up and down ensuring that all the guests were comfortable and the programme went as planned. The school librarian, Madam Jessica Ondiek, could not stop saying thank you “Our library finally has books,”

With all the uncontainable excitement from both the pupils and parents, we were all brought back to reality with a short reading activity by pupils from class six who were invited to read a book and asked to spell words from the story. When the pupils were unable to spell the words, the room went silent. The importance of the Start a Library campaign was sinking in, the appreciation of the library and the books was realized anew.

This was all thanks to Diamond Trust Bank, who were the first corporate to hid to our call to start libraries in primary schools. With their support we have been able to launch this as the first library in Mombasa County and the entire Coast Region.



We will continuously evaluate the progress and the impact of the reading promotion activities through the M&E tools we have developed and tailor reading promotion activities to address different gaps as they arise. We also invite the teacher librarians to attend one of the start a library training workshops for a refresher training on reading promotion activities.

For future engagement, DTB staff will participate in reading events and reading promotion activities during library lessons in the different schools they have sponsored. With the launch of the Scared Heart Primary School library over 1600 pupils in Mombasa and Nairobi are now able to access exciting storybooks courtesy of Diamond Trust Bank. This is a very noble gesture that children and the Storymoja team will always be grateful for.


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