Bohra Primary Schools in Westlands is the latest school to receive a new library thanks to efforts by Yetu partner  Start A Library Initiative and the generous contribution of General Electric (GE) Africa. Through the General Electric staff volunteer program, the company was able to donate 1,000 story books to go towards the establishment of the library that will serve the 368 students of the school. Bohra Primary has been operating without a library since its establishment 65 years ago. The school headteacher Elizabeth Muthoka said the books would go a long way in enriching library lessons and improving the students’ reading skills. 

It was an exciting day for the students who not only received the gift of books but also got to participate in fun story telling sessions led by Kenyan author Muthoni Garland. General Electric staff members also took part in the  reading activities, and will in future serve as reading ambassadors to the school, visiting once a month to help the children with their reading. The company chose to partner with the Start A Library because the initiative is well aligned with General Electric’s Corporate Social Responsibility programs which focus on Education, Health, the Environment, and Community Building. ‘ The idea to develop a library in a school within the GE community has been under consideration for a while. We liked the approach by Start A library because it was unique in its focus on story books and promoting reading for leisure. Start A library also gives us an opportunity to engage with the school beyond the library installation, by enrolling our staff as reading ambassadors,’ said General Electric representative Kendi Mbichi.

Bohra pupils with volunteers

Cecilia Keli, an executive assistant at GE Africa who participated in the reading session said the activity gave her a great sense of accomplishment in giving back to the community. ‘I am passionate about children, and the opportunity to interact with them in a learning environment is very meaningful,’ she said. GE Volunteers will continue to work with Start A Library as reading ambassadors, participating in one library lesson a month at the school.

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