One of the beneficiaries is North Highridge Primary School located in the Deep-Sea Slums, near Nairobi Parkland area. The school has 250 students. The school received 1000 storybooks in 2013 from the Start a Library initiative. Aga Khan Secondary School also donated reading tables for the library.

After the donation, the teachers received training on how to manage the newly established library and on how they will spearhead the reading culture among the pupils.

Two years after the donation, the Start a Library team paid a visit to the school and both the teachers reported an increase in the mean score in English subject, and an improvement in the language skills of pupils as well as their ability to read.

 “The books we received from Start a Library have made a big impact on the mean score of our school. Initially we used to attain a mean score of below 50 in English. Nowadays we get at least 50 and above,” Mrs Muchiri, the school Deputy Head said. “Students have also improved in their language skills, speaking, reading and vocabulary. Imagination in students has also increased because they are now able to think creatively since they read many storybooks. Thank you Storymoja for establishing a library in our school!” she added.

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