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Each year on September 8th  the world stops to celebrate the UNESCO’s International Literacy Day, raising awareness globally on the issues surrounding adult and children literacy. The Storymoja reading revolutionaries joined the over 2980 pupils and teachers at Mirera primary school in Naivasha, Nakuru on 7th September 2018 and engaged in exciting reading activities to mark the day. The theme of the day was: literacy and skills development.

Mirera primary school is located approximately 5 Km from Naivasha town, Nakuru County. Our reading revolutionaries arrived early on 7th Sep for the International Literacy Day celebrations that was being hosted at the school. The team was joined by a representative from eLimu, an African edutech company and digital educational content provider in East Africa.

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Mirera primary school has a very high population that is slightly over 2980 pupils, who waited eagerly to participate in the scheduled reading activities. When we arrived in the school, all the children sat in the field, divided into two groups (Class 1 – 4) and (Class 5-8). Our team engaged the lower primary group in warm up activities that that left them smiling. They conducted a read aloud activity using two of our educating and entertaining books: Life skill storybook ‘sunny the dirty flower’ and the fun storybook ‘koko-riko who woke me up’. The students in the upper primary Class (5-8) also engaged in warm up activities and read aloud from our science fiction story, ‘Attack of the shidas’.The read aloud was led by pupils representatives from each class who took turns in leading the others to read from the book. We conducted a friendly inter-class spelling bee competition from class from 5 – 8 that ended in a tie between class 7 and class 8 pupils. The entire class 5- 8 population was overwhelmed with joy and cheered up their peers as they spelt each word correctly.

At the end of the sessions, the entire school read aloud the Storymoja reading pledge. Although they currently don’t have a library, the excited children declared that they would read at least a book every week. This was a great moment realizing that the children were already falling in love with reading, even before the planned opening of their library later this year. The library was donated courtesy of a generous investment from Enashipai Resort & Spa, The Nobelity Project and Storymoja Publishers. The library will be fully stocked with over 3,863 books that we believe will meet the reading needs of the children. Enashipai Resort & Spa has been instrumental in conducting infrastructural development of the library space, including fitting shelves in reediness for the launch. Storymoja will conduct training for the teachers who will serve as the librarians and students who will serve as Junior Reading Ambassadors and library prefects. The school will be supported to develop master library timetable with library lessons for all classes to ensure that all the children access and read the books. Exciting programs will be delivered to create and sustain the interest of the children in reading.

Thank you Enashipai Resort & Spa, The Nobelity Project and Storymoja Publishers. Your investment will go a long way in transforming and shaping the hearts, minds and lives of these children.

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