Ngure Primary school is located in Wangige, Kiambu County. The school has a population of 530 children from Early Childhood Education (ECD) - standard 8. Prior to the intervention, the school did not have a library and the pupils lacked access to quality storybooks and reading materials.

Realizing the value of having a text-rich environment in the school, the Rotary Club of Kikuyu (RCK) collaborated with Storymoja’s Start a Library initiative to establish a library at the school. The members of Rotary Club of Kikuyu undertook a fundraising drive that enabled them to raise enough funds for purchasing 1000 age appropriate storybooks for children from ECD- standard 8. This was the 148th library established by Start a Library. To date, 151 libraries have been opened, reaching over 400,000 children across Kenya.

As part of their contribution to the library, the school provided the extra classroom that served as the library space, and mobilized the board of management (BOM) and parents to set up the shelves for accommodating the books.  A team of reading revolutionaries from Start a Library coordinated the book development process, including stamping and coding, dispatch to the school, and setting up of the library, including fitting the shelf guides and reading quotes in the library. Start a Library also provided training for two teachers and 10 students (2 per class from class 5-8) on library management. The teachers will serve as teachers in charge of the library while the trained students will serve as Junior Reading Ambassadors (student librarians).


The library was launched on 6th September at a colorful event attended by children, parents, teachers, school management and a team from the Rotary Club of Kikuyu. The children waited eagerly for the library to be opened, and could not hide their excitement since this was the first time they had access to a functional library with a variety of exciting storybooks and reading materials. Every speaker who stood encouraged the students to make good use of the library space and ensure that they keep the reading pledge that they recited while in the library ‘To read at least one storybooks every week’. The President of the Rotary Club of Kikuyu spoke passionately on the value of education and importance of reading from a very early age. Parents were equally excited and they pledged to add more books to grow the library collection.

At the end of the day, we left feeling inspired and excited by the efforts being made by likeminded and visionaries individuals and organizations like the members of the Rotary Club of Kikuyu who gave generously towards establishment of the library. Because people like them care, hundreds of children from Ngure primary now have access to the tools that will enable them to build, transform and shape their future. Going forward, we seek to collaborate with other rotary clubs, Rotarians, philanthropists, corporate, NGO and County governments to scale up the project and impact more children who still lack access to books. A school requires a minimum of 1000 books and the cost of a book is ksh 290. Any contribution towards this cause will be greatly appreciated.


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