“This is very good, we have been longing and praying for a library and finally our prayers have been answered. Thank you very much GE volunteers and Start-a-Library for the gift of books.’’ - Teacher Librarian

The pupils of Bohra Primary School had a very hard time finding something to read at home or at school. At home, in the slums of Uthiru and Kangemi, most people didn't see the value in reading. Parents were also too busy to nurture a reading culture in their children. At school there were very few books to go around. Even though there were library lessons in the timetable, it was treated as a free lesson and pupils used that time to make noise in class.


Bohra Primary School is a mixed school of close to 400 children located in the middle of residential buildings in the leafy suburb of Muguga Green Drive, Westlands. The interior of the school does not reflect it's surroundings. The classes are small and are all grouped together on one end of the expansive field, which is very dusty with small clumps of dried up grass.

Bohra Primary School celebrated the 50th anniversary of World Literacy Day on 8 September 2016 with the rest of the world through the launch of a mobile library. This was made possible through the partnership of Start-a-Library and GE. The launch ceremony was attended by GE volunteers, school management, parents, pupils, Storymoja representatives and other invited guests. It was an occassion where the pupils were introduced to the concept of reading for pleasure and the limitless possibilities that would create for them. We also showed them how to bring stories to life by engaging them in various reading promotion activities, like storytelling, read aloud and spelling bee competitions.

‘’ I pledge to read stories for fun, to imagine, explore and learn.’’ – Storymoja Reading Pledge

The pupils of Martin Luther Primary were used to travelling long distances in the search for good and appropriate reading material. Even though the school had a library, the books were very old and that meant that the pupils couldn't relate with the stories therein. The need to read and understand had them walking distances of more than 5kms just for one book they could share in a class of 40. Most of them would make this journey after the school day, and it would be dark by the time they got home. This was really stressful for parents and teachers because they never knew where the children were and if it was safe to be outside at such times.

lutherThat all changed on Friday, 17 March 2017 when the school received a library through the joint efforts of Start-a-library and Cooperative Bank. The library was stocked with 1000 storybooks, more than enough books for the 810 pupils. The occasion was graced by Dr. Auma Obama, the Storymoja festival patron, representatives from Yetu Org and Co-op Bank, pupils, parents and other dignitaries.

Martin Luther Primary School is a mixed day school located at Hamza, Makadara, Nairobi County. It is an integrated school with a unit that caters to special needs pupils. The area is very lively due to the the numerous residential buildings around the school and the busy road that passes just outside the school.

Nguthuru primary school library was officially opened by Lorna Kwamboka and Christine Ethangatta both from Frigoken and has1000 new and age appropriate supplementary reading materials both in English and Kiswahili. During the launch a short mini-library lesson was conducted with a few pupils from class four and guests who had graced the occasion. The library lesson was a demonstration of how a library lesson would run at any given time, each class will dedicate the 35 minute, government mandated library lesson to utilize resources in the library.

The ceremony to officially launch the library on 29th Nov 2016 was headlined by Dr. Auma Obama who is a lover of books and a crusader for reading.

sacredpicOn Friday 12th August 2016, the school hosted Hon. Tendai Mtana the ES. Education & Children for Mombasa County Government, Mr. Shibu Jacob the GM DTB Coast region and many other guests and parents as they launched their first functional school library. The event was marked with lively presentations from the pupils, proof that the school had many talented children and all they needed were storybooks to support the budding creative minds.

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