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Each year on September 8th  the world stops to celebrate the UNESCO’s International Literacy Day, raising awareness globally on the issues surrounding adult and children literacy. The Storymoja reading revolutionaries joined the over 2980 pupils and teachers at Mirera primary school in Naivasha, Nakuru on 7th September 2018 and engaged in exciting reading activities to mark the day. The theme of the day was: literacy and skills development.

Mirera primary school is located approximately 5 Km from Naivasha town, Nakuru County. Our reading revolutionaries arrived early on 7th Sep for the International Literacy Day celebrations that was being hosted at the school. The team was joined by a representative from eLimu, an African edutech company and digital educational content provider in East Africa.

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Nakuru Lib launch 

On Friday, 25th May 2018, our journey to get a book in every hand and get more Kenyan children reading took us to Milimani primary school, in Naivasha, where we launched a library in partnership with Nakuru County’s First Lady, H.E. Elizabeth Kinyanjui.

Nakuru becomes the 11th County in the country where the reading revolution team has set foot.

Nakuru launch


Ngure Primary school is located in Wangige, Kiambu County. The school has a population of 530 children from Early Childhood Education (ECD) - standard 8. Prior to the intervention, the school did not have a library and the pupils lacked access to quality storybooks and reading materials.

Realizing the value of having a text-rich environment in the school, the Rotary Club of Kikuyu (RCK) collaborated with Storymoja’s Start a Library initiative to establish a library at the school. The members of Rotary Club of Kikuyu undertook a fundraising drive that enabled them to raise enough funds for purchasing 1000 age appropriate storybooks for children from ECD- standard 8. This was the 148th library established by Start a Library. To date, 151 libraries have been opened, reaching over 400,000 children across Kenya.

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When we come together, we educate our children, empower men & women and transform our communities. Through concerted efforts, partnerships and collaborations we touch the hearts, minds and lives of children from disadvantaged communities who would otherwise have limited opportunities in life. Working with likeminded visionaries, Start a Library, a Kenyan reading program combines storybooks, vibrant libraries, capacity building for teacher and student librarians and exciting reading promotion programs to improve literacy outcomes and make a lasting impact for children and communities. In the spirit of collaboration Kifaru Primary school received a library, courtesy of an investment from Insteel Limited, The Cottage School Kenya and Start a Library on Friday 22 June 2018.

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“This is very good, we have been longing and praying for a library and finally our prayers have been answered. Thank you very much GE volunteers and Start-a-Library for the gift of books.’’ - Teacher Librarian

The pupils of Bohra Primary School had a very hard time finding something to read at home or at school. At home, in the slums of Uthiru and Kangemi, most people didn't see the value in reading. Parents were also too busy to nurture a reading culture in their children. At school there were very few books to go around. Even though there were library lessons in the timetable, it was treated as a free lesson and pupils used that time to make noise in class.


Bohra Primary School is a mixed school of close to 400 children located in the middle of residential buildings in the leafy suburb of Muguga Green Drive, Westlands. The interior of the school does not reflect it's surroundings. The classes are small and are all grouped together on one end of the expansive field, which is very dusty with small clumps of dried up grass.

Bohra Primary School celebrated the 50th anniversary of World Literacy Day on 8 September 2016 with the rest of the world through the launch of a mobile library. This was made possible through the partnership of Start-a-Library and GE. The launch ceremony was attended by GE volunteers, school management, parents, pupils, Storymoja representatives and other invited guests. It was an occassion where the pupils were introduced to the concept of reading for pleasure and the limitless possibilities that would create for them. We also showed them how to bring stories to life by engaging them in various reading promotion activities, like storytelling, read aloud and spelling bee competitions.

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