Thank you for showing interest in becoming a Storymoja reading ambassador. Read Aloud is a Bi-annual gathering of pupils accross the country that is aimed at having one voice chanel a message. Participants read from the KICD approved science fiction book "Attack of the Shidas" commissioned by KHCR and is based on Equality, Knowledge and Attitude Practice study that was carried out by the Human rights body.

As you know, the 2017 general elections are looming and the need for peace and unity in our country is greater now than ever before. This special edition of Read Aloud is designed with the upcoming general elections in mind. Kenya is currently on ‘pre-election mode’ that is often characterized by tribalism, ethnic tension and hate messages; we need to urgently change this discourse.  The recent occurrences in our neighboring countries Burundi and Uganda have awakened memories and the fear of repeat of 2007/8-post election chaos.  There is an urgent need for civic education and mindset change on this especially amongst the youth and children.

We have recorded a 57% increase in participation and enhanced our reach to 44 counties. Today, thanks to you, we are one step closer to getting 1 million children, unified, and reading in one voice. Imagine what a powerful image this possibility presents!


Are you a reading enthusiast? Are you passionate about promoting a reading culture in Kenya? Do you believe that literacy is a fundamental human right and that reading a book can bring change in behaviour? Then you are the one!

We are seeking revolutionaries with energy and strong voices with overflowing passion for children and mad love for Kenya.


We require you to:

  • Read at a school every last Friday of the Month, as we approach the general election
  • Have a passion for books and reading for leisure.
  • Share information about start a library offline and online


Please fill out the form below to submit your application


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