Never underestimate the power of books, Friday, January 19th, came the long awaited opening of the new school library, after a refurbishment that took several months. Pupils, parents/locals and partners of Storymoja were present, together with the Board of Members chairman to witness the opening.

This launch was so dear to Start A Library because prior to that, we had trained students and teachers on the skills to manage the library, a value addition to the service offered, we believe that reading  storybooks is very crucial to the overall academic excellence of children and a child who reads will eventually be an adult who thinks.

The launch of Jogoo road Primary school library was a very colorful event. Students gathered and waited in anticipation for the new library, this showed how much the hunger for books the pupils had for a long time.

 Apart from just opening the library and walking away, this day constituted of a lot of thematic activities bringing books to life which would in the end help the pupils understand the stories they read more and help them relate the stories to real life situations, a joint teachers and parents session was also carried out on the value of having a library.

Reading as a culture was the major focus, we made sure that the head teacher enforced a mandatory Kiswahili and English library lesson for all classes, created book clubs to nurture peer reading and recommended supplementary readers to parents to create a text rich environment at home. In this era, the Primary School library is an essential element in the Primary School’s education program, there’s also an importance of parent-pupil- teacher cooperation.

Thereafter, pupils, parents and teachers gathered to cut the ribbon to signify a journey that would transform lives and that was marked by huge ululations from them. There was also a reiteration that there's need for a strong administration of the school's library. Libraries make a vital contribution to student success, complementing classroom learning and providing an additional learning environment, so a strong administration will make sure that no book is lost and keeps track of borrowed ones.

Remarks from the principal, Start-a-Library representative, partners, BOM chairman and a vote of thanks by one of the pupils marked the end of the ceremony, one point that everyone in attendance agreed in unison with was; books are indeed a light to the world.

Join us in our next launch; let’s put a book in every hand in whatever little stride we make.


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