It’s easy to ask why the alumni of a school would not only go back there, but give something to the school. That is exactly what the King’eero Primary School Alumni did. The alumni sponsored a library in the school on 18th July 2017 and filled it with 1019 storybooks for the children's reading pleasure with the support of Start-a-Library and Book Aid. The library was officially launched at a huge and colourful event at the school attended by parents, teachers, pupils, representatives from neighbouring schools and other invited guests.

We got a chance to speak with Caroline Mburu, secretary of the King’eero alumni association, and this is what she had to say:

We had no library while we were in school here. In fact, most of us had no idea what a library was. The few books we were able to find were mostly really old textbooks that we had to read over and over again. For that reason, many of us never got a chance to read for fun and our comprehension skills were very poor as a result. Our ‘compositions’ were full of sentences directly translated from our mother tongues and we didn’t perform very well in our language exams.  

We kept in constant touch all through our schooling years and this is how we came up with the idea of forming an alumni association so that we could get together and find ways of giving back to the school.

IMG 5422We usually talked about starting a library at the school in our meetings as something we could do down the  road, but this need was brought to the forefront earlier this year. In April, the school had a prize giving day and  the alumni wanted to give the best performing pupils some storybooks. While we were looking for entertaining,  relevant and age appropriate reading material for the pupils, we heard about Start-a-Library and the good work they were doing of enhancing access to storybooks for children and nurturing a culture of reading for pleasure    by starting libraries in schools. Now, instead of getting just a few books that would not be able to   satisfy the  hunger for reading at the school, we would now be able to make sure that every child at the school   got a book to read.The alumni were very committed to starting a library in the school and we worked tirelessly   towards  that goal. We were able to mobilize resources within the group and other well-wishers, which made it   possible for us to launch the library just months after it was just an idea.

Our hope is that the library will not only help the pupils of King’eero Primary School, but will also become a  hub   where children from other schools and parents can come to learn, discover and grow together. We want  the library to be a space for creative expression for children to nurture their talent. We hope that the pupils will  find time every day to read the stories and we know it will help them express themselves better and give them  a better start in life.  



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