Are you a creative mind who is discombobulated by the status quo in Kenya? Do the devastating statistics about the current state of literacy give you sleepless nights? Do you turn blue with rage when people laugh at this horrible joke: If you want to hide money from a Kenyan, hide it in a book? Do you desire to see a Kenya with a vibrant knowledge and creative economy? Then you need to be part of our team!

Our holistic approach to working with children includes; content generation, creative programs to stimulate interest and cause attitude change, capacity building for teachers, parents and junior reading ambassadors, enhancing access to supplementary books through libraries and lobbying policy makers. All these efforts are geared towards:

  • Positioning reading as a fun and cool activity for children at school and home
  • Nurturing a generation of life long readers with a culture of reading for pleasure and not just to pass exams
  • Improved literacy levels
  • Improve quality of learning
  • Enhanced parental involvement in the learning process- this also impacts parent-child bonding and relationships outside of the school
  • Developing a network of reading ambassadors who serve as role models

Our vision to get a book in every hand is fueled by the devastating statistics on literacy levels and our desire to slay the horrifying joke “If you want to hide money from a Kenyan, put it in a book”

Welcome aboard and let us join hands in transforming Kenya through reading. A reading Nation is a Smarter Nation!

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