‘’To reach the top, we have to stand on the books we have read.’’

For many children, books and long holidays just do not go together. The thought of reading during the holidays invokes visions of big, dusty textbooks and never ending homework, something children actively avoid. Most of them will throw their bags under the bed immediately they get home, to be unearthed a week to the opening date. After all, there are many other more pleasurable activities like eating, playing and watching TV that need to happen first. For parents, this is an extremely stressful time as they look for ways their children can use this time productively while also learning something.

With this in mind, we have designed a holiday reading marathon that will channel children’s boundless energy in a fun and constructive way through the love of storybooks. The marathon, which will run until 12 January 2018, is a friendly competition among children that aims to motivate them to read the most storybooks in a specified amount of time. The competition seeks to elevate reading as a ‘Must Do’ item on the holiday agenda and to have the children engaged in a fun and meaningful way.

Children can compete in four different categories; full marathon, sprint, jogging and walking race. For the ‘full marathon’, the child has to read 12 storybooks per week. The ‘sprint’ requires the child to read 6 storybooks per week. A child will have to read 3 books per week to be part of ‘jogging’, while the ‘walking race’ will require the child to read only one book per week.

Apart from introducing children to the pleasures of reading storybooks during the holidays, the competition also seeks to gauge how the children understand the stories. For this purpose, we have designed a unique reading diary that will be used by every participating child to document every story that they read. In addition, children will get a chance to give the story a different ending, testing their creativity and how well they related with the story. The reading diary will also create an opportunity for parents to bond with their children by helping them review and write down what they have learned from the story. At the end of the competition, we will collect all the reading diaries and use them to determine the winner. Parents can register their children for the holiday reading marathon by buying a book diary at a discounted price of 300shs on MPESA Buy Goods No.779741. Parents can also get more information by contacting Faith on 0710205229/0780838163 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Dear parent, there’s no need to worry so much about how you’ll keep your children entertained and out of trouble during the long holidays. Sign up your child for the holiday reading marathon and watch as they blossom before your very eyes.

As William Feather said, ‘’Books open your mind, broaden your mind and strengthen you as nothing else can.’’


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