As the world becomes a global village due to technology, ability to access information in real time has increased significantly as well. Due to this ease of access to information, some readers have also shifted preference to e-books, as they can easily access numerous books on their mobile phones and tablets, which are light portable gadgets.

Children are no exception to this trend, as they are also excited by digital gadgets and given an opportunity, they can spend hours on end playing digital games. It is this excitement that propelled us to develop a one of a kind, digital library platform that enables children to access hundreds of storybooks at the palm of their hands.

We have just completed the pilot phase of our digital library platform and are looking to roll it out in all our 151 libraries in 2019. This is part of our initiative to promote reading by using available avenues and developing exciting programmes that will continuously endear children to embrace reading for knowledge and for pleasure.

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