The launch of a library at MCO Joy Primary School courtesy of Diamond Trust Bank was thought to be the biggest thing that had ever happened to the school. This was surpassed a year later when the school won the Special Commendation at the Maktaba Awards 2016. This positioned the school as a pacesetter in the locality and qualified it as the first holders of the Start-a-Library Junior Readers Cup. Both the award and the Cup were presented to the school in an official ceremony at the school on Tuesday,25 July 2017. This would be a rotational Cup that would be awarded to primary schools on merit based on the number of book clubs in a school and the collective number of books read by the members of the book clubs. Each book club member will have a library diary which they will be expected to fill in after they finish reading a book. This will enable us to determine how many books have been read by every child.

Through the Junior Readers Cup, we are looking to fire up the next generation of leaders by using healthy competition to encourage them to read more. Through this, the children will learn how to work together readers cup 2towards a common goal and not give up. This will teach the children how to work together towards a common goal, the value of hard work, while also developing their self-esteem. At Start-a-Library, we want to nurture these qualities in children through the love of books.

We are looking to institutionalize book clubs in primary schools to encourage peer reading and the use of storybooks to teach life skills to children.

As Dr. Seuss once said,
‘’The MORE that you READ, the more THINGS you will KNOW. The MORE that you LEARN, the more PLACES you’ll GO!’’

Let’s give our children the chance, and the motivation, to read more and to know more.

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