bohra 1While the rest of the world marked International Literacy Day on 8 September 2017, in our own little corner of it, we celebrated with the class six pupils of Bohra Primary School. This was also the first anniversary of their mobile school library and on this day, the pupils had decided to learn under a tree. With a slight breeze and the sun not too hot, this was the perfect weather to have an outdoor library lesson.

In line with this year’s theme, ‘Literacy in a Digital World’ one of our Reading Revolutionaries lead an exciting read aloud session of The Amazing Race from our Simulia App, which has hundreds of storybooks. Immediately after, an interactive discussion around the story ensued. Pupils actively aired their views on the different endings the story could have had. The outdoor environment had provided them a space to freely and confidently express their opinions. It was a pleasure to see pupils passionately defend their points of view.

bohra 2During the last fifteen minutes of the lesson, when we allowed pupils to borrow books from the library collection, we witnessed an amazing scene. The children sat in groups to read together.  Upon closer inspection, we realized that they were taking turns to give an account of the stories that they had each read. This was a true depiction of peer reading, a concept that we are currently encouraging in schools.

bohra 3We later learned that the pupils were so eager to read and learn, that they rallied around and supported each other to read, and took it upon themselves to conduct the library lessons with minimal supervision from the teacher librarian.

We are always looking for exciting ways to encourage children to read and to position reading as a fun and cool activity. Our aim is to PUT A BOOK IN EVERY HAND and to stimulate interest in reading to children across Kenya.

bohra 4It is our wish that every child in Kenya can have access to storybooks and be part of the Reading Revolution. We are inviting organizations and individuals to adopt a school and start a library TODAY and put a smile on a child’s face.

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