Are you a creative mind who is discombobulated by the status quo in Kenya? Do the devastating statistics about the current state of literacy give you sleepless nights? Do you turn blue with rage when people laugh at this horrible joke: If you want to hide money from a Kenyan, hide it in a book? Do you desire to see a Kenya with a vibrant knowledge and creative economy? Then you need to be part of our team!

‘’To reach the top, we have to stand on the books we have read.’’

For many children, books and long holidays just do not go together. The thought of reading during the holidays invokes visions of big, dusty textbooks and never ending homework, something children actively avoid. Most of them will throw their bags under the bed immediately they get home, to be unearthed a week to the opening date. After all, there are many other more pleasurable activities like eating, playing and watching TV that need to happen first. For parents, this is an extremely stressful time as they look for ways their children can use this time productively while also learning something.

With this in mind, we have designed a holiday reading marathon that will channel children’s boundless energy in a fun and constructive way through the love of storybooks. The marathon, which will run until 12 January 2018, is a friendly competition among children that aims to motivate them to read the most storybooks in a specified amount of time. The competition seeks to elevate reading as a ‘Must Do’ item on the holiday agenda and to have the children engaged in a fun and meaningful way.

‘’Pan-Africanists say ‘the pen is mightier than the sword.’ My father may not have been a military man, but he fought, he fought with his pen, he fought with his words. He fought against injustice, oppression, bigotry, colonialism, and even though his life was taken by an act of terrorism, the forces he fought against his whole life have been unable to silence his voice.

He and other great national heroes, whether literary or military, live on in the works they left behind, the monuments to freedom, the people and nations they inspired.’’ - Afetsi Awoonor

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